The Screan Of Aleppo BY India 121


   India 121 BY    Avdhesh Kuriyal

IT is quite similar when two giant power’s conflict and wounded the third one(innocent). It may flooded the river of innocent’s blood.

Like everyday I grabed my newspaper and turn on the first page and found one more gruesome of humanity, and this time is in Aleppo. immediately my thopughts ran away towaeds the scream of all future(children) who are crying for their presents and some future(children) who stashes a un accomplish expectations in their mind.
but also astonishing on the silence my own country, the country which get rid the bangladesh from the attrocities of pakistani armies, the country which was shouted on Nepal disturbance, the country which shows her stablised stand on humanity ground.

the truth here is that today’s politics is run on economic benefits and also concerned about there international relations. today no one country can create laupsided approach, this is also a demerit of globalisations and international or regional organisations. we even an individual citizen of any country is surrounded by a net of global benefits.

but a question always will be rise there, that what should we react?

  • India 121 BY Avdhesh Kuriyal


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