Agni-5 : India’s most lethal ballistic missile

  India 121 BY Avdhesh Kuriyal 

Agni-5 India’s most lethal ballistic missile was successfully test fired at kalam Island(earlier named was wheeler island) off odisha coast.

agni 5 is a surface to surface intercontinental missile can hit target over 5000 km away.

Along with agni 5 we have five more ballistic missile-
1)prithvi II- 350km range
2) agni I- 700km range(in 2002)
3)agni II- 2500km range (in 1998)
4)agni III- 3500km range (in 2006)
5) agni IV- 4000 km range (in 2010)

all are developed by DRDO, the 17mtr long missile can carry a warhead of 1000kg. being a ballistic missile agni 5 cannot be detected by most of radar systems presently in use by defense forces across the globe agni 5 which weighs about 50tonnes.

agni 5 is test laumch is the first such missile test simce India joined 34nations missile technonoly(MTCR) in july 2016. MTCR membership enable India to buy high end missile technology and also enhance its joint venture with Russia.

  • India 121 BY : AVDHESH KURIYAL

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