Creativity in Art Forms   

Our species is distinguished by the capacity to create and enjoy works of art [visual, audio video and interactivity] creativity is in the seed of being human. Thinking constitutes the wings of creativity. Such thinking is not merely rational. There is an order of thinking in which the whole of our being participates. Thinking of this kind links us to the inexhaustible, mysterious possibilities that surround human existence [- even, aspirations, dreams emotions, feelings, imagination, passion]. To a creative thinking person existence abounds excitingly with possibilities: low-hanging fruits of the garden of life.

Every art form has, to begin with, two parts: the fixed and the fluid. The material and temporal aspects [or, resources] that the artist works with, including the various conventions that go with the tradition of each art form, are fixed. What an artist achieves with the fixed, is a matter of his individual genius. It is necessarily fluid. This is a domain of pure freedom, the like of which life, within organized structures, otherwise never affords. Artists, we say, are uncrowned royalty. The same is true also of original thinkers.

There is yet a third part in artistic experience which involves the interface between the artist and the art- appreciating public. Where for example does the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile rest? In the painting In The sensibility of the viewer? Perhaps, in both More precisely, in the living process that integrates the artist and his viewer, with the work of art as the dynamic medium.

Why is creativity so universally valued? Why is art that flies in the face of a utilitarian way of life highly valued even in a utilitarian age? Perhaps the clue life in the following-Creativity is the discipline of beautifully responding to an imperfect world. This is the hallmark also of the spiritual response to life.